Welcome to the HOT-java movie page of Arie van der Giesen.

Last updated on the 13th of October 1996.

To start the movie: go to the movie-window and click the play button.
The first time it takes a time to load and show all the needed files (100 Kb),
but once in cache it plays like a normal movie file.
Warning: this java-applet runs good using Netscape 2.0, but there are some heavy problems (applet won't work at all) using Netscape 3.0 or MSIE 3.0.
Please contact me if you know the solution for this java-problem.

Applet - Shuttle launch

Soon there will be more javamovies to see here.
Other Java-applets on my homepage: homepage / feyenoord / Sky-animation banner / scroll
Some java-scripts:
Browser test / Personal Message

If you have made an interesting movie yourself, please contact me at arie@arie.net

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