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Last updated on the 23th of August 1997.

Below you'll find several interesting MM-examples currently available on internet.

For all of them you have to download and install the plugin or viewer.
Minimum system requirements to play live audio or video for Windows are:
486/66 DX or faster processor with at least 8MB RAM, a sound card,
a 28k8 SLIP or PPP connection to your InterNet provider and Microsoft Windows© 3.1, NT or 95.

VDO LIVE are video streams in very good quality, just view some examples in their gallery.

Two VDO ski examples:
Vivo are also video streams in good quality, just view some examples in their gallery.

Hollywood Canada online with some film, tv, radio and theatre examples in vivo format.
InterneTV is the pioneer in broadcasting on the net. InterneTV created the first broadcast station on the internet available 24 hours a day. We currently are featuring music, videos, movie trailers and dance videos. We also have live audio and video feeds available. Some of the technololgies we use are VDOLive, Vivo, Vosaic, CU-SeeMe, Quicktime Conferencing, InterVU, Live Connect, NetShow and RealAudio.
You will need these plugins and software to take advantage of this site.
carpoint Surround Video Gallery are realtime 3d views of many different cars.
Digiflyers are ultra-compact multimedia presentations that can be send by Email.
Here are some small (extremely good compressed) examples of these multi-media presentations.
Animated gifs don't need any software, except a capable browser, to play animations.


The following Audio-links are available, but require you to have the latest RealAudio© software installed on your computer. To obtain the free RealAudio software for Windows or MAC , click the icon below.

Download RealAudio Player Here!
Unfortunately sometimes an error occurs while starting the audio-stream.

My favourites:
Veronica request numbers
Veronica FM 24 hours a day
ABC News Headlines

Click on the links below for more RealAudio:
CBS News: Up to the Minute
Radio 538 Dutch radio station
many links
Timecast and other sites
David Bowie's audio track Telling Lies in Shockwave GAME , realaudio 2.0, MPEG and CD-quality format.
Arie's Homepage.