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Last updated on the 17th of August 2019.
Hello, I'm Arie van der Giesen. My age is 50.
Only daysand hours and minutesand seconds
left until my next Birthday.

I live in a village called Numansdorp (30 Km south of Rotterdam).
There are about 10.000 people living in Numansdorp.
Numansdorp has 3 harbours and many sport facilities, but the most I like Numansdorp, is because it is a quiet place to live.

I'm was working as an IT-specialist in one of the highest building of the Netherlands.
I'm Multi-Media and internet specialist.
Finish of the Stair-run 1996 edition
Above my finish in the 745 stair-run of 1996.
My third victory in 2000
My third victory in 2000.

We have to climb 37 floors in the office where I normally work.
The last three editions (on the 19th of September 1998 and 18th of September 1999 and 21th of October 2000) I won !

My hobbies are:
Arie on the Stelvio
My favourite mountain in Italy is the Passo di Stelvio (2758 meter).
To reach the top you have to climb more than 30 kilometers (2 hours cycling).
If you reach the top, you'll get the view as you can see here.

If you want to contact me please mail to:
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